What is the Difference Between a Montessori School and a Regular School?

Studies show that the formative years of a child’s life are the first five years. So, when choosing a Montessori school in RI, parents need to analyze all the data available to ensure their child receives the best education support. But which is better – a regular school or a Montessori school?

Let us understand in detail which is better in the long run for your child – a regular or a Montessori school.

Early Childhood Education and Learning in Montessori Schools

The ideology behind Montessori schools is child-centric. Children are viewed as active participants who understand their development and are strongly influenced by dynamic forces that support their learning and growth. In Montessori schools, children are grouped into classrooms that promote child-to-child and child-to-adult interactions.

Children in Montessori Schools progress in rhythm, and the community – teachers and parents of East Providence daycare – work towards integrating educational ideas into everyday day lives.

Montessori vs. Regular Schools: Differences in Day Care Programs

Now that we know the reasons behind Montessori schools let us look at the differences between Montessori vs. Regular Schooling in the best daycares in Rhode Island:

Montessori Schools Traditional Schools
Focus on social and cognitive development. Focus on social development only.
Encourage the self-discipline of the child. Enforces discipline on children.
The child chooses their work with advice from the teachers. The curriculum is decided by the school of the group.
Children set their learning pace. The institution sets the learning pace.
Children are grouped to support one another in learning. Educating is mostly done by the teacher.
Self-care programs are organized for children. Self-care is primarily left to the parents.
Physical exploration with multi-sensory materials. Sensory development is not an integral aspect of the curriculum.

Benefits of Montessori Schools Over Regular Schools

Early Childhood Education in Rhode Island offers multiple benefits. These include:

  1. The individuality of children: The core of Montessori schools revolves around respect for the originality of every child. In traditional schools, children are expected to learn the same concepts at the same pace. But Montessori schools offer children options to reach their potential physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially.
  2. Adding multiple learning styles: The concept behind Montessori schools is that all children are born with intelligence, and their learning style depends on their personality.
  3. Teachers are guides: Montessori methods consider teachers collaborators in the learning process. Teachers offer freedom but within limits and create a sense of order.
  4. Mistakes are a part of education: Unlike traditional schools, the Montessori approach sees mistakes as a part of the education process. The end goal is for the child to understand and resolve their mistakes.
  5. Specialized material to improve learning: Traditional schools rely on workbooks or textbooks to impart knowledge to children. But Montessori schools utilize different tools, methods, and hands-on material to create a sense of curiosity in the children.

Final Thoughts

For children just starting their educational journey, there are multiple benefits to enrolling in Montessori schools compared to regular schools, which is why Montessori Center of Barrington, Inc. can help your child in his learning curve. Let your child learn, grow, and increase their curiosity! Connect with us today!