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Yoga with

Ms. Sherri

Sherri is an experienced yoga teacher that has been teaching yoga for over 3 years. She is a Mom of a beautiful little boy named Jordan. She has traveled all over the world and started her yoga journey in the beautiful Andes Mountains of Peru. She returned back to the states to share her yoga knowledge and experiences.

Sherri teaches yoga to all ages in many different studios around Southern New England. She believes and feels that yoga brings so much peace to people as people bring peace to the world. The more we practice, the more we share that love and light with everyone around us. It is with great pleasure and passion she shares the art of what we call yoga to the little ones. Namaste!

Lunch & Snacks


Piano Lessons

Ms. Kassia Raineri is a music educator who has been teaching love and respect for music for over 20 years, passing her passion to her students in a way that motivates them, and tailoring their lessons to meet their needs and goals.Ms. Kassia currently teaches piano, organ and violin in schools, churches and also in her own studio serving RI/MA communities.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and has extensive studies in the Suzuki Philosophy with specialized training in Suzuki piano pedagogy. She is also a Certified Suzuki Piano Instructor and Montessori teacher.Kassia is pleased with the opportunity to share her expertise and passion for music for a second year at Montessori Centre.

Montessori Centre of Barrington is pleased to offer on-site private yoga and piano lessons for enrolled students. Because of Covid, we have stopped Children’s Theatre and Cooking Classes until further notice.




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