Admission Procedures

Admission to the program is based upon child suitability, child/parent interest and
commitment to the Montessori principles. Pre-testing is not required. Students are
accepted regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, or national or ethnic
origin. Parents who are interested in enrolling their children first must set up an
appointment to tour the school and meet with the Director. This initial visit is usually
without the child to enable the parents and Director to focus on the program. A typical
admission sequence is as follows.

  • Parents visit, observe and meet with the Director.
  • Child and parents visit classroom, and meet with teacher and Director.
  • If accepted, and upon receipt of completed application forms, materials fee, deposit
    and registration fee, parents will be sent a letter of acceptance, along with other
    forms to be completed.


Enrollment of your child is considered a commitment for the entire
school year. As such, any tuition monies paid can not be refunded, and any outstanding
tuition balance is still owed. However, parents may cancel the enrollment if they inform
the program in writing within 30 days after the date of their signed Application for
Admission without penalty, except for forfeit of the registration fee. If enrollment is
cancelled after said 30 days, the obligation to pay the full annual tuition is binding.
Tuition is due regardless of absence due to illness, holidays or school closings.

A sibling discount of 10% (off the lower tuition) is available for the enrollment of a
second child from the same family.


The Fall semester’s tuition is due by the preceding June 15. The Spring
semester’s tuition is due by January 1 of the following year. The deposit is a part of the
total tuition, and is applied toward the second semester’s tuition.A monthly payment plan
is also available, which is typically 10 installments. The monthly plan is computed by
subtracting the deposit from the total tuition and then dividing the remainder by the
number of payments. A small finance charge will be included in each monthly payment.

  • An additional charge of $25 per month will be added for all payments 10 days past the
    due date.
  • An “overtime” charge of $1 per minute will be added for any child not picked up at
    his/her regular dismissal time.

Montessori School

Montessori Centre of Barrington welcomes all potential enrollees seeking
Preschool/kindergarten and toddler programs in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
The admissions process at Montessori Centre of Barrington is between January and February to
the following school year. In the Admissions section, you will find enrollment forms with
details on the program offerings.

Key Dates in the Admissions Process

Schedule a Visit to Our School by email us at

January 9 – Application for Returning Students
Enrollment Form + Deposit +
due 1/31

February 1 – Application for New Students
Enrollment Form + Deposit + Materials
+ Registration Fee
due 2/28

June 9 – Student Package delivery

Admissions Process

The Montessori Centre of Barrington admissions process involves a parent and child meeting
with the Director as well as a tour of the facility and discussion of the curriculum and
expectations. The aim of this process is to eliminate any misconceptions related to the
program prior to committing to the school year.
Please contact
for more information on our program and to schedule a tour.

Deposits are applied to the tuition balance and are non-refundable. Spaces will be granted
following the completion of the requirements as outlined above. Priority will be granted to
5-day, Full and Extended day candidates.

If interested in enrolling in the current school year, please email us to to inquire on
space availability.




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