Teaching Staff

Talia Salom


Talia has more than 17 years of experience working in Pre-School and Kindergarten

education, both as a teacher and a School Manager. She is an expert in innovative and

humanistic methodologies and projects, like Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and others. She has

been using her knowledge to develop and enrich current education and deliver up-to-date

quality education, focused on:

  • Permanent pedagogical update
  • To develop high self-esteem.
  • Applying new strategies of personalized teaching, while respecting the individualcharacteristics of each child.
  • To build concentration for lifelong study skills.
  • Creating safe and stimulating environments for the learning experiences of children.
  • Permanent interaction, information, and coordination with parents along with theeducational community.

Alyson Johnson

Montessori Preschool Lead Teacher

Miss Alyson is excited to join Montessori Centre this year as the Sun Room Lead Teacher!
She began her Early Childhood Education career in 2016 when living in Boston, MA. Prior to
working in a preschool setting, Miss Alyson worked in school age childcare at the YMCA of
Greater Boston and the YMCA of Pawtucket, since 2009. Miss Alyson graduated from
Providence.College in 2014 and holds an American Montessori Society credential through the
Northeast Montessori Institute.

Over the years of teaching, she has experienced fascinating workshops, trainings and
conferences, which have helped shape her teaching philosophy. She believes every child is
unique and brings something different to the learning environment, and as educators we
must honor the child in order to create for them a positive and safe educational
journey.When not at school Miss Alyson loves going to the beach, skiing the east,
traveling the world, cooking yummy meals, and spending time with family.

Arti Maindola

Montessori Preschool Lead Teacher

I am Mrs. Arti Maindola. I completed my undergraduate studies in Chemistry and Botany. My niece was very hyperactive, but I noticed a significant change in her behavior after attending a Montessori school. This became a turning point for me, leading me to become a Montessori teacher. I obtained my Montessori diploma from Singapore. I have been teaching Montessori for 20 years and consider myself very fortunate to have taught in various countries and different educational settings, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the USA. Apart from teaching, I am passionate about reading, writing, cooking, traveling, and dancing.

Takako Levesque

Montessori Preschool Teacher

I’m Mrs. Takako, and I graduated from Tsukuba University in Japan. Over the course of 19 years, I’ve had the privilege of working in the education field in Jamaica, Japan, and the United States. A significant part of my professional journey involved Montessori Lower Elementary training, where I dedicated a decade to teaching as a Lower Elementary teacher. I’m truly thrilled to become a part of MCB, where I can work with preschool children in the ‘absorbent mind’ stage. In addition to my passion for education, I enjoy activities such as cooking, reading, watching sports, and spending quality time with my family. !

Emma Voytas

Preschool Teacher

I have a Double Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. I have been engaged in the field of Education since 2019, which was my first experience as a Teacher’s Assistant in Florence, Italy. Then, I returned to the US and decided to pursue a career in Early Education. I am passionate about creating an environment for children that supports and fosters a love of learning from an early age. I appreciate every unique personality I meet in our community of young children. The toddler years pass quickly, and it is a privilege to have this opportunity to support each child through incredible growth.

I grew up in RI in a family that values cultural diversity. For a few years, as a family, we traveled to other countries, and in my childhood, I studied in South Africa, enriching myself with experiences. Thoughts and traditions that I like to share with my students. I enjoy traveling, seeing new places, exploring, and spending memorable time with family and friends.

This 2022-23 is my first year at MCB; it is a place where we come together to dedicate our time, thoughts, and love to children through the Montessori philosophy. Soon I will start the training to become a Certified Teacher and accompany our children in memorable moments.

Diane Mason

Preschool Assistant Teacher

I am pleased to say I have been with Montessori Centre of Barrington since 2017. I thoroughly enjoy watching the children’s faces each day filled with such wonder and excitement when they walk through the door. I especially take great pride in the fact that I am helping to guide them through the learning process. After receiving my Teachers Assistant certificate I ran an in-home daycare for six years. I live in Barrington with my husband Mark and my three children Hannah, Haley and Matthew, as well as our black lab Finn. `

Laura Batista

Montessori Preschool Assistant Teacher

I became a teacher because I discovered that my inner teacher derives joy and fulfillment from guiding others on their learning journey. As Montessori eloquently put it, I find joy in helping them to live. I hold a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Management, and Emerging Technologies and have six years of teaching experience in the Dominican Republic. Discovering this place to work just as I arrived in this country was quite touching. It’s incredibly inspiring to witness the value placed on every child and the staff’s incredible teamwork, coordination, and dedication to creating an environment where children can realize their fullest potential. In addition to my teaching role, I’m also a journalist, nurturing a passion I’ve had since childhood. I’ve published some essays and poems, and I’m currently working on more stories, reports, and other projects. I’m also in the process of editing my book of poems titled “Le llamaron poesía.”